Harps for Healing

Harps for Healing

Harps for Healing is a programme that brings harpists in to nursing homes, and hospices to play for patients and their carers. It is unique in Ireland. Madeleine founded it as a result of experiences she had playing professionally, where people were moved in extraordinary ways by the sound of the harp. Madeleine’s professional training as harpist, singer and composer gives her a strong musical base from which to work. She has many years experience of working and teaching.  The little harp she plays is specifically designed to provide the gentle soothing tones that are so necessary for wellbeing.

She currently offers Harps for Healing in a number of healthcare facilities in Dublin, Ireland, including senior and dementia residential care centres. The approach used is one of engaging with the listeners through the music.  It is not a performance. The response to the live harp music has been profound, prompting even those listeners with memory issues to join in with the singing, and the rhythm of the music, and also, to communicate with each other where previously they would have disengaged from activities around them.

Madeleine travels to promote Harps for Healing. This provides other people with the opportunity to experience the healing quality of live harp music. She leads meditations for groups, and offers private sessions for those looking for a deeper experience. Holding an intention for peace, she channels music through the harp for the benefit of the listeners, offering a unique sacred space for spiritual growth and development. The music of the harp opens the heart and nurtures the spirit.

Madeleine is a professional musician and harp teacher, living in County Dublin, Ireland. She has undergone counseling and harp therapy training. She holds a diploma in Counseling Skills, and is a trained energy healer. For her own health and relaxation, Madeleine practices Meditation, Yoga aand Tai Chi.

Check out the calendar here to find an event near you. For further information and requests, contact Madeleine here.

What People Say About Madeleine’s Harps for Healing Work:

“Madeleine’s gifts extend far beyond an experienced and talented harpist. Her ability to allow the music to play through her is extraordinary. She uses the harp, as well as her beautiful voice, to promote healing down to the cellular level of one’s being. I have had the pleasure of experiencing her gifts first hand as well as, witness it’s healing effects on others. I am grateful each time she visits the States from her homeland of Ireland” – LOB