CDs & DVDs

eternal-waysEternal Ways is a DVD of a harp meditation composed by Madeleine, and  recorded in the spectacular scenery of Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland, produced by Nomos Productions. Eternal Ways €15.00 


cd_inner_music_160Inner Music is a triple album of instrumental harp music based on Madeleine’s meditations. Composed for relaxation and healing, the soundscapes of the tracks reflect their contemplative nature (the shortest is over 13 mins long). The style of the music is ideal for situations where an atmosphere of quiet calm is required. Each CD has at least an hour’s playing time.The complete set of three has over three hours and 44 minutes of playing time. Inner Music, CD 2 & CD 3, 20.00€ 

Inner Music, Single CD 1, 12.00€ [SOLD OUT]

Inner Music, Single CD 2, 12.00€

Inner Music, Single CD 3, 12.00€

Inner Music CD 1
1. Flowering Lotus
2. Heartsong
3. Sacred Journey
Inner Music CD 2
4. Weaving the Dream
5. Tai Chi
6. Coeur de la Bleu
Inner Music CD 3
7. Inner Smile
8. Hari Om


cd_harp_attack_bigHarp Attack is an EP containing three original pieces which are included in the album Living Notes. The style is Jazz/World using Camac electric/acoustic concert harp, vocals, drums, percussion, electric guitar and bass. Harp Attack, 6.00€
Harp Attack
1. Rainbow Magic
2. Remember
3. Integrate


unnamed (2)

Fiolar, is a performance recording of meditational music and song. The music is a form of spiritual journal recorded on the celtic harp. Fiolar, 12.00€ 


















1. Song of Songs
2. Elohim
3. Waters of Life
4. Katja
5. Lord God
6. Ruth
7. Psalm 121
8. Restless Heart
9. Gentle Master
10. Follow
11. A Iosa A Aonmhic An Athar
12. Yahweh is His Name
13. An Ghaoth Aneas (The Wind From the South)
14. Hymn of Creation
15. Ar Éireann Ní Neosfaainn Cé Hí
16. Nightfall
17. On Attend (Waiting)
18. Acclamation
19. Peace
20. Bí Íosa Im Chroise (Jesus be in my Heart
21. Goddess
22. Reverie


livingnotesLiving Notes is a contemporary album. It is a lively combination of electro-acoustic harp and voice with additional keyboards, percussion and guitar. Living Notes €16.00 







Living Notes
1. Compulsion
2. Integratiion
3. Fly Away
4. Remembering
5. Snow Road
6. Changes
7. Mazurka Squeeze
8. Home
9. Starfield
10. Rainbow Magic


ja_cotColors of Trance is a dance album using rave and trance loops. This was a collaboration with the acclaimed percussionist and producer, James Asher. The thirteen tracks represent a musical interpretation of colours.









Colors of Trance
1. Olive
2. Yellow
3. Gold
4. Emerald
5. Coral
6. Magenta
7. Red
8. Pink
9. Orange
10. Green
11. Violet
12. Turquoise
13. Peace Song