The Wandering Harpist

Greetings from the US east coast. Promoting Harps for Healing here is a busy time. The lull provided by the Independence Day celebrations has enabled me to enjoy the wilderness that New Jersey provides in abundance. Millions of acres dedicated to sustaining wildlife.

Whether kayaking or hiking, I am inspired to create music by the sights I see in these beautiful places. My energy is lifted by the experience of being in the outdoors with nature.

If you’ve never walked in the wild, it’s never too late to start and you will find yourself experiencing the magic of the outdoors, seeing a bird you’ve never noticed before, singing his heart out, or a beautiful flower lending its colour to the backdrop of green trees and bright sky.

Later in the week, I will be presenting to a facility for Seniors in Pennsauken NJ and making rounds in Lourdes Burlington.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an enquiry about my work or a subject of mutual interest.